agricultureMyanmar has a total of 12.25 million hectares of arable land and permanent crops, the 25th-largest endowment in the world despite the fact that Myanmar is only the 38th-largest country by total area. Although the country’s endowment of water and fertile land is abundant, productivity in Myanmar’s agriculture sector is low with output per worker of only around $1,300 a year, compared with around $2,500 per worker in Thailand and Indonesia. The sector’s low productivity and the low level of inputs such as seeds, fertilisers, water, and machinery suggest that there is significant room to grow. There is also large scope to increase the share of fruits, vegetables, coffee, oil palm, rubber, and other high-value crops as well as the production of fisheries. Given that agriculture currently accounts for 52 percent of workforce employment, capturing the full growth potential of agriculture is critical to ensuring that the economy’s growth is shared widely.