Protecting a Trademark in Myanmar


Trademark registration takes about one month to process in Myanmar. It is necessary to provide a specimen of your trademark with a detailed description of the related goods or services associated with the trademark. Our staff will compile the necessary documents for trademark registration. The documentation includes a Power of Attorney and a Declaration of Ownership of Trademark, which must be notarized.

Our staff will immediately submit your application for trademark registration at the Office of the Registrar of Deeds as soon as we receive your notarized documents. When we are permitted to proceed with the trademark registration, we will display a Cautionary Notice in a local English newspaper. The Cautionary Notice details the particulars of the trademark, such as the name of owner, and provides a warning against trademark infringement and counterfeiting.

Joint Venture Agreement

Foreign investors may consider going into Joint Ventures with local companies in Myanmar to take advantage of the local company’s know-how and assets. Myanmar’s current business environment restricts engagement between foreign and local corporate entities through a series of complicated regulations and practices. We recommend that you consult with Interactive before venturing into a business agreement so that we can craft a Joint Venture agreement that conforms to your goals as well as the Myanmar regulatory framework.